Touchless Disinfectant Application Solutions

A sound sanitation program is judged on its effectiveness at properly removing soil and destroying the microorganisms left behind. Choosing the appropriate disinfectants for your facility is paramount to succeeding in the fight against the spread of microorganisms such as COVID-19 and the flu. Summit Safety Cleaning employs a small, but effective range of safe, disinfectant products including quaternary ammonia compounds, sodium dichloroisocyanurate, and various others as needed. In addition to choosing the appropriate disinfectant that’s safe for most environments, there are fundamental processes that must be followed to achieve the desired result. The proper dilution of the disinfectant, as well as using the mixed product during its short lifecycle are two of the critical process that must be accomplished correctly. Summit Safety Cleaning utilizes systems to insure proper dilutions are achieved and monitors these dilutions during regular service visits.

Applying the disinfectant is also a critical step in properly disinfecting rooms and equipment. Because of that, we’ve invested in commercial, touch-less, disinfecting equipment that’s proven to be safe for nearly all surfaces and nearly all people. This advanced technology can quickly and efficiently disinfect break rooms, bathrooms, high traffic areas, and all high touch areas with absolutely no downtime after a treatment. And, should an employee or a customer come up ill, whatever areas they inhabited, can quickly and effectively be disinfected as well. This will not only keep your team healthy and working, and customers knocking at your door, but it will reassure each teammate and customer that they have a clean, safe place to come to.

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