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We know perception can become reality with every individual that interacts with your operations, so as a part of our onsite disinfectant service, we’re offering to photograph or video our efforts during the cleaning of your site.  We want to help you create and distribute marketing materials of your choosing that showcase the healthy efforts you’re investing in. That message is powerful in keeping things running as effectively as possible both internally and externally, and Summit Safety Cleaning wants to help you in those efforts; even if that means coming to your home and disinfecting areas after a family member has been sick. Whatever the application of this service, we’ll be there to help. Call me at 417-823-SAFE (7233) or email me at We look forward to partnering with you to overcome this challenging time.

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Reduce Liability
Improve Your Internal Cleaning/Janitorial Services
Improve Training for Your Maintenance/Janitorial Department
Motivate Teams
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